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The Extensions Demo server has now been updated to Joomla 4

After sticking with Joomla 3 for a while, which might have been too long ;p, we have finally updated our Extensions Demo server to Joomla 4 (soon to be Joomla 5, after completing some configuration tasks).

You may notice that some old extensions are no longer available on the demo server. Yes, we are indeed phasing out certain extensions that we think are currently less relevant to Joomla nowadays, at the same time reducing the burden of maintenance. We will be focusing more on extensions that receive more downloads and may also explore the development of new and exciting extensions.

At the moment, we are also working on upgrading all our extensions to support Joomla 5, making necessary adjustments without relying on Backward Compatibility plugins.

Furthermore, we have added a more detailed demo server for Xtypo and Xtypo Pro. You can explore each Xtypo element demo through a separate menu.

So, take a look at our new demo server here: https://demo.templateplazza.com/joomla. Feel free to explore!