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Minifrontpage Pro Version 2.5.0: Enhancing the Collage Theme

Minifrontpage Collage Theme

We are pleased to announce the latest update, version 2.5.0, which focuses on refining the Collage theme—one of the favorite themes among Minifrontpage Pro users. This theme is known for being a perfect choice for new or magazine-type websites, where it can add a modern touch to article highlights, providing a rich yet tidy appearance to your Joomla website.
Now it's even better.

What’s New and Improved?

1. Auto Sub-Theme for Collage Theme

If you're familiar with the Collage theme, you'll notice a new Layout Type setting with "Auto" and "Fixed" options in the configuration settings. Choosing "Auto" provides a dynamic layout that adapts to the specified number of articles in the "Articles to Display" setting, accommodating up to 8 articles. This feature is useful when the number of highlighted items changes dynamically over time.

Collage Theme

2. Mobile Optimization for Collage Theme:

Addressing previous challenges in mobile views, especially with Thumbnail Image mode, the update ensures a better appearance and experience on mobile devices. In Thumbnail Image mode, it will become a 2-column layout in mobile view, while using Thumbnail as Background will stack all items due to limited space and a fixed height, possibly trimming content with longer titles, etc.

Collage Theme Mobile

3. General Improvements and Bug Fixes:

This update includes general enhancements and bug fixes for the Collage theme, focusing on improving layout usability and maintaining consistency across various devices.

We have updated the demo site and added an additional Collage Theme demo page in here, showcasing the Auto theme of Collage and demonstrating how Custom CSS Adjustment can change the look. The limit is just your creativity

While we anticipate a smooth updating process for the module, if you encounter any warnings or error messages, please revisit the module settings page and save your settings again. If you have template override for collage before, you will need to update your override file.

So, for those of you using the Collage theme, what are you waiting for? Update your Mini Frontage Pro to create a more stylish look for the news block on your website.