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Reintroducing the XTypo

Reintroducing Xtypo Pro Mini Page Builder for Joomla

After a considerable hiatus in updates for quite some time, we are excited to announce the release of the revamped XTypo, bringing a major codebase change and a fresh approach to using XTypo.

The most significant change is in how XTypo handles the insertion of elements into your content. In older versions, adding snippets or specific tags required you to type specific tags such as {xtypo_alert}. However, in the latest version, we've made this process easier, more intuitive, and efficient. With the new visual editor, you can now insert snippets directly into your content, preview the changes directly from the editor, and see the changes instantly.

For those familiar with our previous XTypo button, yes, this is the way the XTypo button worked in the past. The new XTypo is essentially an improved version of the old XTypo Button with better codebase and UX. This new approach will improve the speed of loading snippets because no rendering process is needed from the tags.

Due to these significant changes, upgrading from the old XTypo to the new one is more of a migration process than a simple upgrade. If you are upgrading from the old XTypo, you can execute a MySQL script provided in the file package, with detailed instructions available in the documentation.pdf.

XTypo Button is now XTypo Pro, a simple yet powerful page builder for your Joomla! article

In conjunction with the release of the new Xtypo version, we are also launching Xtypo Pro, an extended version of XTypo to replace 'Xtypo Button' plugin.

With XTypo Pro, you can add additional snippets and extra content blocks. You even have the option to incorporate custom CSS code that can be loaded onto your article pages, all without leaving your Joomla editor. To assist you in getting started, we've uploaded numerous tutorials on YouTube explaining how to make the most of XTypo and Xtypo pro. 

Supported Joomla Versions

We have adopted the latest Joomla codebase for the new Xtypo and Xtypo Pro, so Xtypo is supported on Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 with no backward compatibility plugin needed. And due to this decision, we are no longer able to support Joomla 3. This is not only because of the effort involved but also because Joomla 3 is no longer supported. 

So grab and install Xtypo or Xtypo Pro right away. Enjoy!


  • Download XTypo Here
  • Download XTypo Pro here
  • Read the tutorial on How to use XTypo here